A ray splits twice

A ray splits twice, then twice again
Divergent paths striking on the glass.
So too with you. So too with you,
Who I once thought to share in life,
Divergent ran, along the border of a knife.

Molecules dance in space, the void becomes
Their stately, mystic tango of the soul –
And so, with the light of ten thousand suns
I’d like to dance with you. I would be whole
If I could wake, content, from such an atom dream.

Please. Numbers…can’t compare. I’ve spent my life
Determining values, of sin and pi
But you just laughed and said
“I’ve heard some say it was a sin
To eat too much of apple pie.”

And so a world was broken, and a new
Based not on numbers, but on you,
Was made. What is this fire?
Is it the bunsen that I know so well,
Or does my broken heart now stir?

I shall be Keats in words for you,
I’d sacrifice my play with lithium,
My focus on Potassium.
Instead, I’d whisper of Byzantium
The city of a thousand loves.

So please. I do not beg – how could I?
But still… I wish to ask, if I could,
Whether you would consider me,
Whose heart, only now, is free.

—by Andrew H.


Another great poem from tweetspeakpoetry

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