Time, physics, the Higgs Bosun. A poem right up our street!

an old writer and his words

Time is a construct,
the logic of which
is inescapable to be sure,
and yet we constantly
seek to escape, but
the exit is just beyond
the distant horizon.
We are on the edge
of finding the God particle,
and somewhere in time
Higgs is threatening to smile,
for once found, time
will cease to matter.

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Ode to a Stranded Whale

A great poem using science from Kim M Russell:

writing in north norfolk

You beach your beauty
on the back of geo-
magnetic storms.

Spellbinding as pulsating northern lights,
you offered songs to the night
but were drawn by siren stars,

lured off course and hurled
through waves of coronal mass ejection,
fought hard to correct your navigation.

You collided with the shore
and now you lie, exposed
to the cosmos,

foamy flukes glinting in starlight,
your song echoing in the night.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Ode — Poem of Praise

Our host for this week’s Meeting the Bar is Frank Hubeny and the topic he has chosen is the ode, a poem of praise. He says that odes have been discussed in the past at dVerse but one motivation for this prompt came from reading  Peter Frankis’ ode to Emily Dickinson in a recent Open Link Night.

Frank read…

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An interesting poem using the Higgs Bosun:

an old writer and his words

Tonight the Higgs boson
stayed virtual
and utterly massless
and didn’t decay,
so only the cookies
acted on our teeth
and that decay
will fall within
the Schwarzchild radius
of the sink
with all six flavors
of quark
and all their colors.

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The Day They Discovered Gravitational Waves

Time was there were Han philosophers
standing on a hilltop at night
naming the Mansions of Heaven;
later, Galileo Galilei
weeping with joy at the moons of Jupiter.

Now, in sightless tunnels
beams from lasers have shivered
at ancient astral events –
and men and women around the world
pore over computations

in awe at the mathematics:
the Universe in its infancy
had arched its back and roared
and they can feel
the exhalation of its breath.

© John Looker 2016

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”  The two LIGO gravitational wave detectors in Hanford Washington and Livingston Louisiana have caught a second robust signal from two black holes in their final orbits and then their coalescence into a single black hole. This event, dubbed GW151226, was seen on December 26th at 03:38:53 (in Universal Coordinated Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time), near the end of LIGO’s first observing period (“O1”), and was immediately nicknamed ‘the Boxing Day event’.  “

Euclidean Shivers

     So, how does the Triangle
     relate to the Circle?    

     Euclid and a radius prove points
     that radiate from the center, a circle,
     a method to navigate space.

     Would this seem more real if we pulled
     ribbons from agreed upon place.
     perhaps the Maypole?

     Preoccupied with tangents and triangles,
     it is hard to visualize chords,
     a concordance, to be in accord.

     by Carol Dorf

Carol is a Maths teacher in California and is the poetry editor for TalkingWriting

Collected from JoAnne Growneys excellent Maths and Poetry blog

When Newton saw an apple fall

When Newton saw an apple fall, he found …
A mode of proving that the earth turnd round
In a most natural whirl, called gravitation;
And thus is the sole mortal who could grapple
Since Adam, with a fall or with an apple.